Since 1964
Rooted, Strong, Energetic

Our company, which is specialized in burners, started to produce burners in 1964 with the Thyssen Burner license. Since 1988, it has signed a license agreement with the French Cuenod Thermotechnique company for the manufacture of natural gas burners and has taken its representation in Turkey.

Gökçe Burner has played a pioneering and innovative role in the industrialization of Turkey over the years. In 2022, with its strong and energetic structure, it makes an important contribution to the development of the industry. It serves important companies in the heat and energy sectors with its strong technological infrastructure, wide and expert service organization, and wide product portfolio.

As Gökçe Burner, production is carried out according to EN676-EN267 standards. In addition, all of our products have TSE, CE certificates and ISO9001 quality certificates. Our burners are produced in different types and capacities in accordance with international standards, from heating a small place to large industrial facility applications.

The most important and well-known feature of our products is their high efficiency. Every burner we produce is preferred by our customers with its suitability and durability for difficult service conditions.