Oil Burners

Diesel Fuel Burners

Diesel fuel with a fluidity of 2°E (20°C) is used in DLA and T type burners. No heater and ring circuit are required because the fuel in diesel fuel burners is clean and has high fluidity. They have one or two fuel nozzles according to burner types (single or...


Heavy Oil Burners

DMAÜ and TM type burners are designed to burn heavy oil ( fuel oil). Heavy oil burners are equipped with an electrical pre-heater to reduce the viscosity of fuel by heating. In the pre-heater equipped with electrical heating systems, the oil temperature is...


Duo Block Modulating Burners

Gökçe duo block modulating oil burners are special type burners being used in large industrial plants. There is no air fan on the burner body. Extrernal ventilator is determined and provided according to the boiler capacity and properties, and connected to...