Natural Gas Burners

Gas burners are highly efficient. It provides clean burning and great savings with a very low fuel combustion.  The future is guaranteed with gas burners. Its design and manufacturing are also capable of meeting the tomorrow's needs. 


Oil Burners

Oil burners manufactured with the 50-years Gökçe Burner experience are the customers' service in every field, industry, houses, air apparatus, paint ovens, special machine manufacturing and plants where oil is preferred or gas is not available. One-stage, two-stage, modulating and electronic type options are available. 


Dual Fuel Burners

Gökçe dual fuel burners have an advanced burning system capable of burning both gas fuel and liquid fuel (diesel fuel or fuel oil) on the same body. These burners allow the customer to use a second fuel in case of need with the advantage of high efficiency and ease of maintenance.