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1964   Necmettin Gökçe obtained the representation of Dr.B. Thyssen burner.

1966   Thyssen fuel oil and diesel oil burner assembly commenced in Istanbul Kasımpaşa.

1966   Participation to Izmir fair.

1967   Establishment of Maktes Makina Tesisat ve Ticaret Ltd. Company for the sale and marketing of Thyssen oil burners.

1968   Establishment of Necmettin Gökçe Oil Burner Factory in Istanbul Topkapı.

1972   Establishment of Alsan Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Company for the aluminum body and part cast of Thyssen oil burners.

1972   Necmettin Gökçe takes the second place after Vehbi Koç in the Turkey taxpaying rating.

1976   Maktes Makina Tesisat ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. is moved to the building in Necatibey Avenue. Thus, the first show room for assembly and oil burner is opened in Necatibey Avenue.



1977   Gökçe Brülör Isı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is established.

1984   Maktes Makine Tesisat ve Ticaret Company becomes a joint-stock company

1988   A license agreement is signed with French Cuenod Thermotechnique for the natural gas oil burner manufacture and the representation of the company is obtained.

1994   License agreement with Cuenod Thermotechnique is renewed.

2000   Maktes Makine Tesisat A.Ş. and Gökçe Brülör Isı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. which have been declaring high tax base since 1980 are awarded by Istanbul Chamber of Industry and Chamber of Commerce.

2001   Italian Ariston Thermo group buys Cuenod Thermotechnique Company. Elco oil burner company joins the group.

2008   Gökçe Brülör assumes the representation of Elco Company instead of Cuenod Company which belongs to the same group.

2009   Pump body export to Germany starts.

2013   Gökçe Brülör receives the Quality Award from Turkish Standards Institute.

2014   10th anniversary of successful usage of DVGV CE certificate.

2015   Duoblock gas and liquid fuel burner with 15,100 kW capacity is manufactured.

2015   15th anniversary of successful usage of RWTUV, ISO 9000 certificate

2016   Industry type oil burners with 10,000 kW capacity are taken into serial production

2017   Monoblock oil burner with 11,000 kW capacity is manufactured.