“Rooted, strong, energetic”

Dear Friends,

A famous thinker; He says the only thing that does not change is change itself” . Gökçe Burner also aims to offer the services it has been providing to our country’s economy and energy sector for 58 years by improving it in line with customer needs and expectations; continues to move forward with strong steps on its future journey with its unending energy.

As HAN Enerji A.Ş, the new and energetic company of the sector, we are focused on carrying the deep-rooted knowledge of Gökçe Burner, which we took over like a flag from the İnönü Family at the beginning of this year, to even higher heights.

While trying to synthesize my 34 years of sectoral experience with the “spirit of the time” in this new period, the enthusiasm of our teams for greater success gives me great enthusiasm and hope as the President of the Company.

To see R&D and innovation as a part of our business by taking advantage of the opportunities brought by new technologies, to produce the highest quality, efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative products is to form the cornerstone of our basic activities.

Not only producing qualified burners, but also raising our service standards to the highest level after sales and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers under all circumstances are among our indispensable principles. This understanding and awareness is behind us being the first choice of the energy sector not only in Turkey but also in many countries around the world.

Kind regards

H. Ahmet İLHAN


Chairman of the Board