HAN ENERJİ has International Projects and Renewable Energy Investments on its horizon.

Han Energy was founded in 2021 by H. Ahmet İlhan, who has 30 years of experience and practice in the energy sector, to develop innovative and efficient products, especially in the field of renewable energy, and to provide international investment and consultancy services.

The focus of the company is on business models related to carbon emissions, environmentally friendly investment and business models. In the same way, ideas and research that can be a balm for the problem of our country’s dependence on foreign energy are also among the priorities of Han Energy.

In order to bring all these to life, Han Energy, which accelerated its activities in its headquarters in Istanbul and its factory in Malatya, on the other hand, started a series of investment and cooperation projects, mainly in Central Asia and Russia. carries out intensive contacts to put it into practice.